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Lacero's cryptographic verification rail ensures transaction details cannot be altered. Transactions are automatically gated through multiple limits - size, address, velocity or capacity. Escalate larger and higher risk transactions for additional compliance checks or authorisations. Lacero operates in parallel or as a loop around the core secure-flow to ensure independence of the security layer. Having no central code it eliminates the attack surface to deliver bulletproof certainty. Lacero Platform protects existing investments, enhancing and improving any security infrastructure, whether through a full hash, MPC contribution or full co-signing into a native multi-sig wallet.


million dollars

of crypto assets stolen every day in 2018



increase in stolen assets year on year


billion dollars

of cryptocurrency is being stolen every year and still increasing§

The clients’ Crypto rail which includes the wallet infrastructure, based in this case upon a third-party MPC offering, is enhanced from a control and security perspective through the Lacero Rail, which ensures the Client is not forced to rely upon and place total trust in any third party. Lacero signs the transaction passed to it, before returning it to the crypto rail for final execution, OR Lacero can co-sign the multisig address onto the chain itself, as shown in the options above.