Your safeguarding & control layer for crypto & digital assets.

Introducing FlowOS, our debut product.  The world’s leading operations and control platform for digital assets.  Add it on top of your existing custody solution, or use it to set up your own powerful self-managed one.
Bridging the gap between usability and security, FlowOS enhances your existing infrastructure to simplify workflows and safeguard your business against both internal and external risks.

Distributed Custody:  More secure than hot, more scalable than cold

Take a vault and combine all your wallets – internal and external, hot and cold, securing and connecting them all with a powerful policy-driven control engine.  Maximise their strengths whilst eliminating their weaknesses, delivering T+0 performance. Patent-pending technology combines advanced FIPS/NIST encryption with dual-stream blockchain.
We’ve taken the best of the best technology across data distribution, sharding, encryption and blockchain. We’ve put it together in a strong, functional architecture to put world-leading secure technology at your disposal.
Our API capability gives you flexibility to use the complete stack as an integrated solution or connect your own front-end and key custody solution into our core cryptographic control engine.

Never sacrifice usability for security

  With rigorous whitelist management, sophisticated approval workflows, immediate transfers and security and compliance across multiple addresses, wallets, exchanges and entities using the latest in cryptographic and blockchain security.

Operate seamlessly across your digital eco-system



FlowOS provides the flexibility and enforcement of true segregation of duties so that your team members have clear, defined roles within your business.

What, where, when


FlowOS offers the most feature-rich policy configurations, secured by independently audited Smart Contracts. Simple transactional limits, or complex ones, all the way to defining who can initiate a transaction from a specific geographic location, based on value, time and frequency through both consensus and sequential approvals



With FlowOS Hierarchical Deterministic configurations go much further than just wallets. User segregation, administrative policy, transaction permissions can all be designed and published via Smart Contracts right down to an individual wallet address.


You are always in control


  • Lives in your own environment and infrastructure
  • FlowOS cannot access your keys
  • FlowOS cannot withhold your keys

Encrypted & Distributed


  • Policy fully encrypted and decentralised
  • No centralised code or SPF’s to manipulate or attack
  • More than a rules engine – full cryptographic proofs always required

Flexible, Institutional-Grade authorisation


  • Policy goes beyond simplistic M of N
  • Approval trees and ability to apply sophisticated logic
  •  Sequential approvals
  •  Compliance Monitoring and Regulatory Reporting Logs

Connecting, not disrupting


FlowOS is designed to integrate as a layer to enhance your existing infrastructure and be security additive.  Safer, faster, more efficient.  Handle more transactions in less time with increased security and better oversight.  FlowOS improves workflow process and keeps you safe and in control at all times

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Safe Self Custody

Seamless Integration

Distributed & Encrypted Policy Enforcement

Maximum Control, Absolute Flexibility

Performance & Scale

Total Transparency