Use Case

Cold Custodians

Asset owners can pre-verify, authenticate and prove policy compliance, then sign natively into a multi-sig wallet to provide the most secure form of cryptographically verified instruction possible. Unhackable, unmanipulatable, indisputable. Replaces central code-based modules to remove the weakest link, point of failure and most vulnerable attack surface. Clients have transparency and control, and are empowered to construct and run sophisticated approval trees with roles, sequential approvals, gating and escalation. Full audit trail delivers best-practice compliance to FCA CASS aligned standards and KYT.


million dollars

of crypto assets stolen every day in 2018



increase in stolen assets year on year


billion dollars

of cryptocurrency is being stolen every year and still increasing§

In this example, Lacero works in a more integrated fashion with the client’s own infrastructure and process. The clients’ rail “calls” Lacero as part of its workflow, passing the transaction for verification and enforcement of the policy. Further in the process, Lacero is involved again to ensure the immutability / non-change of the transaction before final signing onto the chain by the clients’ rail.