Launching FlowOS

Control transactions across all your wallets and APIs with one Master Policy

We’ve made transaction authorisation and enforcement across your entire ecosystem more secure, scalable and flexible

Policy Enforcement for

Crypto & Digital Assets

Rigorous whitelist management, sophisticated approval workflows, immediate transfers and ultimate security. Deliver compliance and governance across multiple wallets, exchange and payment accounts using advanced cryptographic and blockchain security.

Policy Enforcement for

Programmable Custody

Rules-based transfers and settlements enforced transparently and trustlessly. Pledge and ringfence collateral in wallets without having to move balances. Agree thresholds, and see collateral transfers executed automatically against them. Dramatically reduce credit, settlement and default risk. Eliminate human error.

Policy Enforcement for

API keys

Add sophisticated control functions to all your APIs, enhancing security and governance. Make sure all API driven transactions are within policy.

Build your flow

The Lacero Platform has been designed to offer your business the complete flexibility to choose the level of complexity of your security and access approval process. Pick as many or as few artefacts as you wish, combined with cryptographic key management and Lacero delivers you an unprecedented policy enforcement of that secure-flow on an independent rail.


Lacero Platform

Every service delivered by Lacero has our Platform technology at its heart. From the latest encryption through to the most adaptive and secure key management. We're innovating to make security a business function.

AES 256 Encryption

Policy Creation & Enforcement

Audited Smart Contracts

Ethereum Blockchain

API Operations

Mobile/Desktop Admin Apps

Key Decryption

NIST/FIPS 140-2 Key Management

Biometric Authentication

Dedicated Admin Nodes



A growing set of completely flexible policy artefacts offer you the most comprehensive options to pick how you want to secure and also control the transfer of your digital assets. Written into transparent smart contracts audited to ensure consistency and performant operation, you can have confidence in their quality,. auditability and immutability.


Transaction Detail Match


KYT Risk Rating

Transaction Whitelisting

Transaction Blacklisting

ML/AI Risk Rating


Transaction Timelocks

Transaction Value

Transaction Velocity



M of N



Conditional Trees


Enforcement Method

With the latest in key management technology; Lacero provides you with the flexibility to choose how your policy and data management is enforced. Simple decryption all the way to our virtual co-signing capability.

Signing Cryptographic Key

API 'Secret' Keys

MPC Share

Native Co-Signing (On Chain)


Connect, Integrate, Communicate

Whether you’re a mainframe centric business, or a crypto custody provider, Lacero’s policy enforcement platform connects and integrates with your business processes. Add on a secured communication mechanism as additional verification too.

Policy Enforcement

Use Cases

Enterprise Data

Lacero's policy enforcement solution in partnership with eD3P delivers augmented policy for mainframe data being moved to the cloud. Transfer data seamlessly with policy attached to ensure that it remains fully under your control.

Hot Custodians

Lacero's cryptographic verification rail ensures transaction details cannot be altered. Transactions are automatically gated through multiple limits - size, address, velocity or capacity. Escalate larger and higher risk transactions for additional compliance checks or authorisations.

Cold Custodians

Asset owners can pre-verify, authenticate and prove policy compliance, then sign natively into a multi-sig wallet to provide the most secure form of cryptographically verified instruction possible. Unhackable, unmanipulatable, indisputable. Replaces central code-based modules to remove the weakest link, often the point of failure and the most vulnerable attack surface.


Pre-verify and authorise transactions in your own secure autonomous environment before delivering through an encrypted API. Exercise greater control and governance of employee actions.


Tri-party trade matching between buyers, sellers and brokers with a 'consensus confirmation' pre-settlement. Safe Crypto Payment vs Payment enforced instantaneously and simultaneously. Eliminate settlement risk, escrow and fiat payment rails.

Personal Data

Lacero believes that your data should be owned by you. Lacero's Vault service empowers you to take over control of who has access to information about you, when, for how long and what specific data they can see.

Health data is one of the most sensitive records services are empowered to securely store. Use the Lacero service to offer multi-party consensus driven approvals for the sharing of these data records.